Free gifts

Free Gifts with minimum purchases!

The links below will direct you to our free products that are available with a minimum purchase. 

How it works: add any products from our website to your cart and then add the eligible free product and go to check out. You will then see that the products price is reduced to zero. Let's say you make a minimum purchase of $150 which will make our hoodie's become free, but you don't want the hoodie and would rather have one of the other free shirts/products. Then simply add one of those shirts/products to your cart instead of a hoodie and it will be reduced to zero. 


Only one free product per order. 

If for any reason you are able to add multiple "free gifts" and the checkout page allows multiple items to be reduced to zero (Free) we will not send you multiple items, only one will be sent. 


$30- Free mini

$60- Free cotton T-shirt

$100- Free Dri-fit T-shirt

$125- Free Dri-Fit polo

$150- Free Hoodie