Neighborhood got it's roots in late 2012. The Am Worlds had just been held in Rochester NY the year before. It was around that time that I started playing disc golf with a new group of friends. I had been playing since 2004 but didn't get into the community of disc golf until around the 2011 Am Worlds. One of my friends and I decided to start making disc golf videos. We made videos that highlighted our local courses and also some promotional ones for the local clubs tournament. You can check some of these out by searching Rochester Disc Golf 0n Youtube. After we started making videos the idea for a pro shop and team came about. 

Neighborhood focuses on the higher quality plastic discs and will not be selling the less durable plastics for the time being. Eventually we will be expanding and will then offer every plastic option, baskets, more bags, more clothes, and many other products. We will be making many disc golf videos on a regular basis so please subscribe to our YouTube channel. The YouTube play button at the top of the page will direct you to our channel. Thank you