Discraft Memorial Championship Players Pack

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Discraft Memorial Championship Players Pack

Your one and only chance to grab the 2017 Memorial Championship Player Pack! Most of the items in this Player Pack were never released to the public unless you signed up for the 2017 Memorial Championship. The main item is a Discraft bag only released for the Memorial, it can hold about 7 drivers in the main compartment and 1-2 putters in the front putter spot. It also has a smaller zippered pocket in front of the putter pocket that you can fit mini discs, cell phone, keys, etc. It has two drink holders one on each side of the bag.

-Limited Edition Buzzz Jaw Breaker

-Prototype Test Flight Undertaker

-Limited Edition Mini Nuke ESP

-Limited Edition Full Color Mini Buzzz

-Limited Edition Mini Glow Undertaker 

-Limited Edition Mini GLO-UV Challenger 

-Disc Claw (To retrieve discs out of water)

-Dude Drink Kooozie

-2 Disc Golf Pro Tour Memorial Wrist Bands

-Spinners On The Green Glasses

-Spinners On The Green Mini